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Red Skull again orders Thor to fight the Avengers, or else he will not only let the Dimension Sphere kill Hikaru, but also force the teen to fight the Avengers himself. Thor has no choice but to agree, and soon a massive brawl between the Avengers shakes the entire base, forcing all Hydra soldiers to flee for their lives. The others try to reason with Thor, but Thor is determined to save his partner. The kids can only watch helplessly, while elsewhere in the base Red Skull enjoys the show while preparing the final stage of his plan.

The Avengers are getting tired out by the battle, and yet neither side is willing to give up. Red Skull orders Hikaru to give Thor his Build Up Armor, when suddenly Crossbones draws his gun and shoots Red Skull in the back. It turns out Crossbones is actually Hawkeye in disguise. He won his fight with Crossbones earlier, D-secured him, and then took the villains identity to get close to Red Skull while faking his own death to keep everyone in the dark about this plan. Hawkeye forces Red Skull at arrowpoint to break the Dimension Sphere’s power over Hikaru, but Red Skull gloats that the Sphere’s influence over Hikaru is already too strong and cannot be broken. Hikaru proves this by charging the Sphere’s dark energies inside him into an energy blast, which he fires at Hawkeye. Thor takes the blast, and is able to resist it long enough for Hikaru to burn up all the energy, which restores him back to his normal self (though Iron Man later theorizes that the self-repair system of Hikaru’s biocode probably had a hand in it as well).

Hikaru feels terrible for what he has done, but Thor forgives him. Red Skull is dismayed that Hikaru could overcome the Sphere’s power. He actives his ultimate weapon; a giant HYDRA robot powered by the Dimension Sphere. Everybody flees the base, which then collapses as the robot fully rises up from the ground. The robot attacks the Avengers, just as their time limit begins to run out. Ed, Akira, Chris and Jessica all D-Smash their second heroes to help the Avengers. Captain America teams up with Iron Fist, Wasp with Black Panther, Hulk with Power Man and Hawkeye with Falcon. Together, all heroes are able to do great damage to the robot before the second heroes have to retreat into their DISKs. Akira gives Iron Man the Build Up Armor, with which Iron Man destroys what remains of the robot. Red Skull tries to flee, but is stopped by Thor. Akira D-Secures Red Skull.

S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives and arrest all Hydra soldiers. The Celebrity Five ditch their Hydra uniforms and sneak away. The Dimension Sphere is taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. On board the plane that transports them back to the Helicarrier, the kids all fall asleep, tired after such a long and exhausting mission.

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