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Rosetta Riley has an audience with the supervillain Mandarin in the latter’s castle. She offers him a chance to defeat the Avengers, Iron Man in particular. Mandarin agrees it’s time he fights Iron Man again.

In their base, the Avengers and their partners interrogate M.O.D.O.K., who tells them how Red Skull used the Dimension Sphere to gather the DISKs from the pocket dimension that they had been sent to. M.O.D.O.K. begs to be freed from the DISK, but his pleas are ignored as Akira shuts him off. Iron Man theorizes that with the sphere now in their hands, they could use it to open a hole to other dimensions, including the Dark Dimension. He states his plan to ask Dr. Hank Pym for help to analyze the Dimension Sphere. Just at that moment, Dr. Pym calls the team. He has read Iron Man’s report about the sphere, and even though he is interested in the concept of opening portals to other dimensions, he still has to give it some more thought. Akira takes this news rather hard since the chances of getting their father back are slipping.

A new school day starts at Techno Isle, and Hikaru finds out he has gained a rival. Another young student who skipped multiple grades turns out to be even better than him in math and sports. When Hikaru talks to Thor, Thor states that he feels another human with superpowers is near. The student interrupts their conversation and introduces himself as Sam Alexander. He says he has heard Hikaru talk to somebody, so Hikaru quickly excuses himself and walks away before Sam can ask him more questions. That night, Hikaru tells the team about Sam when Sam suddenly shows up in the base. It turns out he saw Hikaru talk with Thor and thus knows the kids are the Avengers’ partners. But he won’t tell anyone, since Sam himself is also a hero: Nova. Nova gets to meet the Avengers and asks if he can join their team.

Mandarin and Rosetta Riley set up a trap for the Avengers on Techno Isle. Mandarin tests his powers a little. In their base, the Avengers calmly try to tell Nova why he can’t just join their ranks. Pepper receives an alarm signal from Techno Isle. When they see the security footage, Iron Man recognizes the attack as that of the Mandarin. Ed is worried since he realizes how strong Mandarin is, but Nova is excited at this opportunity to prove himself and flies off to confront the villain. Upon arriving at Techno Isle, he first saves Rosetta from some burning rubble. Rosetta is surprised and dismayed to find out the Avengers apparently have a new member, and helps Mandarin take out Nova with a surprise attack.

The other Avengers arrive as well to fight Mandarin, who mainly focusses on Iron Man. Iron Man at first doesn’t want the team to risk their lives since he is the one Mandarin wants, but Captain America points out that’s the same attitude that cost Nova the battle. With their usual attacks being pointless, the team comes up with new ones. First, Thor and Wasp combine their attacks, with Wasp riding Mjolnir to get close to Mandarin. Next, Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America work together, with Hulk throwing Cap in the air towards Mandarin, and Iron Man firing his repulsor at Cap’s shield, who deflects the attack to Mandarin. But while Nova admires the team for their teamwork, Rosetta sneaks up on him and D-secures him.

Mandarin is not defeated yet. Hikaru gives Thor his Build Up Armor, with which Thor successfully deflects Mandarin’s last attack. Before the team can capture him, Mandarin retreats, vowing to return. Rosetta tries to flee the building, but is stopped by the kids, who take Nova’s DISK from her. Back at the base, Hikaru apologizes to Nova for what has happened. Nova doesn’t care, since now that he’s in a DISK he can fight alongside the Avengers. Hikaru accepts Nova as his second hero.


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