"Weakness of the Venom Symbiote!"
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In Japan, Akria, Iron Man, Jessica and Wasp follow the fight between Black Widow and Spider-Man on TV. Akira insists that they should join the others in New York to help. Iron Man agrees after Dr. Pym confirms that he can handle the construction of the dimensional hole gate device alone. Black Widow believes the kids that Spider-Man is not evil when he overcomes Venom’s influence long enough to hold back a punch, but she still has no choice to try and stop him. She tries to talk Spider-Man into fighting Venom’s influence, but fails.

Hikaru recalls how Spider-Man was driven away by the ringing of a large bell, and the team realizes that that is Venom’s weak spot. Captain America and Hulk are D-smashed, and Hulk fetches the bell from the clock tower while Cap helps Black Widow in her fight. Hulk arrives with the bell, and Cap repeatedly hits it with his Shield while the kids try to reach out for Spider-Man. Spider-Man finally breaks free from Venom. The symbiote immediately tries to flee, with Hulk and Black Widow chasing after it. Spider-Man, back to his old self, tells Cap and the kids that Venom got him when he came to rescue 2 S.H.I.E.L.D. agents from the crashed truck that they were in. He feels that, by allowing Venom to control him like this, he failed New York and his duty as a hero. The kids try to convince him otherwise, and that the people of New York will still see him as a hero.

But things take a turn for the worse; Venom now bonds with Hulk and turns him into a monstrous creature. The Venom-Hulk goes on a rampage, and the symbiote prevents Ed from D-securing Hulk or for the time limit to send Hulk back to his DISK. Thor wants to fight Hulk, but Spider-Man won’t risk a fight between the two powerhouses here in New York and first wants to lure Venom-Hulk to a safer place. Thor lures Venom-Hulk away, and is soon joined by Iron Man and Wasp. Iron Man carries Hulk to a construction site, where Spider-Man has already attached the bell to a crane. However, after Spider-Man rings the bell once, Venom knocks it off the crane and retreats into the steel structure of a building under construction. The fight continues in there until the team finds out that slamming the metal bars creates an effect identical to ringing the bell. The team uses this to drive Venom-Hulk to the top of the structure, where Spider-Man drops the bell onto him, and after a few more rings, Venom finally separates from Hulk. Ed gives Hulk his Build Up Armor, allowing Hulk to punch the symbiote out cold. Hikaru D-Secures the creature.

Spider-Man’s part in taking out Venom-Hulk has restored people’s fate in him. Spider-Man formally apologizes for the things Venom made him do. The Avengers return to Japan, but first the kids give Spider-Man the video message they recorded for him. Spider-Man resumes his duties as New York’s Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

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