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Tony Stark and Hank Pym have made great progress building the dimensional hole gate device. Hank Pym allows the kids to see the work that is done so far, and also introduces them to his robot assistant: Ultron. Ultron has been of great help building the gate. The kids are fascinated by the robot.

In their room, Jessica wonders how a jerk like Dr. Pym ever became acquaintances with the Avengers. Wasp states he’s not that bad, and that Pym truly wants to make the world a better place. In the lab, Hank doesn’t like the fact that Ultron wastes his time serving drinks. And since Iron Man wants to speed up the testing of the Gate, Hank decides to give Ultron an upgrade that will enable him to learn and become more humanlike. Now Ultron too can work towards betterment of the world, and the Gate will be completed even sooner.

Later that day, Pym decides to test the Gate. But upon being activated, the system malfunctions and threatens to explode. Pym can’t shut it down, but when everybody tries to run from the lab, the doors turn out to be locked. The gate opens and begins to suck in everything in the lab. Akira is almost sucked into the portal, when Dr. Pym uses his own superpowers to grow giant and save him. He also closes the portal, but then collapses to the ground.

The kids are surprised to find out that Dr. Pym is in fact the hero Giant Man. Iron Man explains that Giant Man was once a member of their team. During a battle with Whirlwind, the villain destroyed the foundations of a series of gas tanks and one of them threatened to collide with a building. To stop the tank, Dr. Pym had to grow much larger than he ever did before. He saved the building, but due to growing beyond his limits his cells were damaged, and he could never grow giant again without feeling immense pain. Wasp still blames herself for the incident since she failed to stop Whirlwind from doing what he did. This in turn makes Pym feel bad that she has to carry this burden.

Unfortunately, Ultron overhears Pym wish that he could erase Wasp’s memories of him, and thus her guild. He visits Wasp and Jessica in their room, and suddenly attacks them. The two are able to escape and warn the others. Ultron contacts the team through the computer, and informs them that he has taken full control of the building. His new upgrade made him realize his superiority over his creator, and humans in general. He theorizes that if he were to rule mankind, the world would become a much better place. But for that plan to work, The Avengers and 30% of the human population have to be eliminated. Ultron closes the automatic blinds and begins his attack.

All kids D-Smash their hero’s. Together, they try to find Ultron, while the robot turns the whole building against them. They find him in the lab, where Ultron first turns the laboratory robots against the team, and then sets the Stark Jet (which Tony let in New York for maintenance) on a collision course with the building. If it crashes, the explosion will kill everyone inside the base. The team try to attack Ultron first, but he easily holds them off. Pym, feeling responsible since Ultron is his creation, wants to go Giant Man again, but Akira stops him since he hasn’t fully healed yet from last time. Jessica is able to distract Ultron with a logic bomb, so that Iron Man and Thor can disable him. Pepper remotely takes control of the Stark Jet and safely lands it.

Pym is sad that Ultron turned out like this, but states that a robot can never fully gain the complexity of a human hearth. However, while his body is disabled, Ultron has already uploaded his brain to a computer.

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