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Dr. Pym is in the hospital because he used his powers again, and is having a nightmare in which disembodied voices keep praising the Avengers while he himself is trapped in total darkness. He wakes up, only to find the Avengers and their partners in his room. Iron Man claims S.H.I.E.L.D. need their help. The group plus Pym travel to the helicarrier, where Nick Fury informs them that something is trying to infiltrate the S.H.I.E.L.D. computers. No sooner has Fury informed them of the threat, or the culprit reveals himself to be Ultron. He still wants to rule humanity, and will start with eliminating all of his dissenters by targeting Techno Isle, Tokyo.

Maria Hill discovers that Ultron tries to gain access to Blue Javelin, a military satellite weapon that can wipe out a whole city at once with its laser cannon. Iron Man orders Fury to self-destruct Blue Javelin, but Fury can’t do so without approval of the World Security Council. Dr. Pym is asked to see if he can shut Ultron out of the system, but Pym collapses into unconsciousness again and has to be taken into infirmary. Iron Man sees only 1 other way out; go into space and disable Blue Javelin. He, Akira and Pepper Potts immediately depart in the Stark Industries Jet for one of Stark’s labs, where Stark gives his armor a special coating to make it fit for space travelling. To save time, Stark uses a hastened procedure, which means that the coating will only give him 3 minutes of protection.

With the coating ready, Iron Man flies off to Blue Javelin, but Ultron turns out to have made several copies of himself and sends 6 them after Iron Man. 3 others break into Stark Tower to attack Akira and Pepper. Akria D-smashes Falcon, who successfully defeats them. Iron Man tries to lose the 6 Ultrons tailing by accelerating beyond the speeds that his armor can handle. One by one, the Ultrons fall apart when they overload their systems by trying to keep up with Iron Man, but the coating on Iron Man’s armor begins to peel off as well. Akira tries to warn Iron Man that he has news from Fury and Dr. Pym, but Iron Man won’t listen since the mission requires all his concentration. Ultron meanwhile has broken through all defenses and activates Blue Javelin.

The last remaining Ultron grabs hold of Iron Man to slow him down. Akira activates the ultimate unibeam, which destroys the Ultron and catapults Stark towards Blue Javelin. When Iron Man is in range, Akira activates the Build Up Armor, which gives Iron Man the power boost he needs to destroy Blue Javelin. And just in time, since Iron Man’s time limit is up and he returns to the DISK. Having failed, Ultron retreats from the S.H.I.E.L.D. computers, back to a workshop where he is mass producing his body, as well as building a giant version of himself.

Back on the Helicarrier, Nick Fury tells that while Iron Man was on his mission, the World Security Council demanded Dr. Pym to be arrested for what his creation did. However, Pym had used the infirmary’s computer terminal to hack the Helicarrier’s system and listen in to the conversation. Realizing he would be arrested, he stole a S.H.I.E.L.D. plane and fled the Helicarrier. The Avengers and Maria Hill tried to reason with him, to no avail. And since she still felt guilty about what happened to Pym, Wasp (backed up by Jessica) helped him escape.

Wasp, Jessica and Pym have fled to a house that they used as a base in the past. Pym is still in a bad condition, but going to a hospital is no longer an option. Pym admits how he still feels bitter about the loss of his Avengers membership. The Avengers track them down to the house and go there as well. They claim to have come alone to talk to Pym, as friends. Unfortunately, Fury also send a squadron of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to the house. When seeing them, Pym is convinced everyone has turned on him. Desperate not to go to prison, Pym grows giant again despite his bad condition, and confronts the S.H.I.E.L.D. planes.


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