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Synopsis for "Hikaru, Thor and the Mysterious Voice"

The Celebrity Five visit their old base to salvage whatever valuables they can carry. When Tim tries to activate an old invention of his, the device produces a holographic image of Loki. He tells the Five that he will soon return to Earth, but first, he wants to know what has happened to the world during his absence. The five tell him about how Red Skull stole their Biocodes with the Dimension Sphere and gave them to the Masters of Evil, but how the Avengers defeated them with the new Build Up Armor. They also inform him how the Avengers' partners gained the ability to D-Smash second heroes, even with their Biocodes not fully recharged yet, followed by how Red Skull took Hikaru under his control with the Dimension Sphere and used him to force the Avengers to fight each other, but this plan was thwarted due to the interference from Hawkeye. And finally, the Avengers, backed up by the second heroes from their partners, defeated Red Skull’s giant robot and D-secured Red Skull himself.

Loki is unimpressed by all this, stating he has a new plan cooked up. He then gives the Five new Biocodes.

Meanwhile, at the Avengers base, Hikaru is taking a rest on the roof after working all day as Iron Man’s assistant. While looking out over Tokyo, Thor notices something is bothering Hikaru. Hikaru admits he is still worried about the time that Red Skull made him his servant. How easy he fell for the trap Red Skull had set up. Thor reminds him how Hikaru burned up all the dark energy and thus got rid of Red Skull's influence. He also names the fact that Hikaru got Nova as a second hero as a sign that Hikaru is truly righteous. It’s human to make mistakes, and even heroes are no exception to this. To prove his point, Thor recalls how Spider-Man was possessed by the Venom symbiote, and how Dr. Pym thought everyone, even his former partners, had turned on him and in his anger endangered Jessica and Wasp. Hikaru realizes Thor is right. Thor ends his speech by stating that Hikaru will probably someday become a better scientist than Iron Man.

The episode ends with the Celebrity Five showing Loki a clip of Deadpool, but Loki deems him unimportant and tells them to turn it off.


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  • This is the second clip show of the series. The first one was Episode 26.
  • For some reason, the Celebrity Five never mention Ultron and his plan for world conquest to Loki.


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