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Jocasta investigates the damage done to the Dimension Hole Gate, while Iron Man tries to find out more about this Ronin they encountered. However, he is unknown in any database about heroes or villains. Ronin meanwhile seeks out the Celebrity Five. He states that he has been ordered by Loki to lead the Celebrity Five, and quickly shows them he means business. Loki appears as well and orders Ronin and the Five to keep stealing the ‘treasures of darkness’, which they do. With the dimension sphere in his possession, Ronin proves unstoppable for the police.

The Dimension Hole gate is severely damaged, and without the Dimension Sphere it won’t work anyway. The kids scold Akira for doing something to selfish and reckless. Tony notices the dark energy that infected him when he touched the sphere, but keeps this a secret for now. The energy allows Tony to see visions of the Celebrity Five and Ronin pulling off their thefts, Loki, and some other, shadowy creature. Nick Fury contacts the Avengers and tells them about the items Loki’s henchmen stole. Apparently, historians believe that whoever owns all these ‘treasures of darkness’ will be granted glorious power, but also great suffering. Based on his visions, Iron Man decides to visit Loki’s old Ice Palace.

In the palace, they find a chip that belongs to Tim Gilliam. Tim himself is also in the palace and D-Smashes Crimson Dynamo and Blizzard to fight the Avengers. Blizzard immediately freezes Thor’s and Iron Mans’ DISKS so Hikaru and Akira can’t D-Smash them. Chris, Jessica and Ed however do manage to D-Smash their heroes. Wasp and Captain America fight Crimson Dynamo, and Hulk fights Blizzard. Hikaru and Akira try to remove the Ice from their DISKs, when Ronin suddenly joins Tim. When told by Akira why they need the Dimension Sphere, Ronin claims that the Dark Dimension means certain destruction for any human that steps inside. Enraged, both boys use their evolved Biocodes to break the ice and D-Smash their heroes. Iron Man fights Ronin while Thor helps take out the other 2 villains. Hulk and Cap defeat Crimson Dynamo, who is recalled to his DISK by Tim. Hikaru gives Thor the Build Up Armor, with which he defeats Blizzard. Hikaru D-secures the villain.

While Ronin and Iron Man fight, Ronin admits that the evolved biocodes are impressive, and remarks that Akira has a great power that goes beyond his imagination…..something that Dr. Akatsuki always said about his son. Akira gives Iron Man his Build Up Armor as well. However, Ronin counters the move with the Dimension Sphere, using it’s dark energy to force Iron Man on his knees. When Ronin is about to kill Iron Man, Akira D-Smashes Falcon as well. Falcon deflects Ronin’s attack, and Iron Man makes a second attempt to use the armor. Ronin survives the attack by using the Dimension Sphere as a shield. Moreover, he reveals that in the struggle he stole the chip from Hikaru. Both Ronin and Tim teleport away.

Akira is convinced that next time, they will beat Ronin. Iron Man thinks about what Ronin said during their fight, and wonders if it’s possible that Ronin is actually Dr. Akatsuki.

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