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The team has split up to guard the places where the last 2 Treasures of Darkness are hidden. Hikaru, Akira and Chris + their partners are in Egypt to defend the Solar Crown, while Jessica and Ed + their partners are guarding the Crescent Dagger in a tower. The tower turns out to be the villains next target, as Ed and Jessica are confronted by Joel Murphy and the Wrecking Crew. Ed and Jessica D-Smash Wasp and Hulk, but Ed is clearly not feeling too well and thus can’t focus on the battle. Wasp is beaten, and Hulk is distracted when Ed suddenly faints. Wrecker destroys the tower and Joel escapes with the Dagger.

Back at the base, Ed is diagnosed with a fever. Seeing Ed like this makes Tony wonder if he should tell about what happened to him, but he decides against it. He also keeps wondering about his suspicions concerning Ronin’s true identity. Pepper discovers that Ronin’s voice matches that of Dr. Akatsuki. They wonder if they should tell Akira about this. In their lair, Loki gloats over the stolen treasures, and reveals he wants to use them (and the energy he stole from Iron Man earlier) to powerup his new Dark Gate Device and open a portal to the Dark Dimension.

The next day, Joel and the Wrecking Crew go after the Solar Crown in the pyramids. The Avengers and their partners, minus Ed and Hulk, await them there and another fight begins. This time, it is Iron Man who is not feeling well due to the dark energy from the Dimension Sphere. With Iron Man weakened and his teammates worrying about him, the Avengers are defeated by the Wrecking Crew. Ed and Hulk suddenly show up as well in the Stark Industries Jet. Hulk engages all four Wrecking Crew members in a wrestling match and actually holds them at a distance. Ed D-smashes Power Man as well. Together they defeat the Wrecking Crew, after which Akira, Jessica, Chris and Hikaru D-Secure the four villains.

Unfortunately, the Wrecking crew were not the only villains. Ronin joins Joel and takes over the fight. Iron Man tries to fight him alongside his teammates, but is too weakened from the Dimension Sphere’s energy. Captain America and Wasp eventually manage to bypass Ronins’ defenses with a team attack, and Wasp destroys Ronins’ mask. Iron Man warns Akira and Hikaru not to look, but it’s too late. Both boys see that Ronin is none other than their father, Professor Akatsuki. While the kids can only watch in disbelief and the Avengers return to their DISKs, Joel steals the Solar Crown. Joel and Ronin teleport away.

Akira angrily lashes out at Tony for not telling them about his discovery. Suddenly, Tony faints. When Akira tries to D-secure him, the DISK fails to work.

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