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Black Widow and Hawkeye have tracked down Ronin, and demand to know what happened to him. However, Ronin doesn’t remember anything about being Professor Akatsuki. They try to detain him, but he escapes, leading to another chase over the rooftops of Tokyo.

In the Avengers’ base, Tony, still unconscious, is in a hospital bed and being monitored. Dr. Pym theorizes that Tony is the victim of some sort of dark magic, since his vital signs are normal. Akira realizes it was the work of the Dimension Sphere. There is nothing Dr. Pym can do for Tony however. Desperate to save his partner, Akira activates his biocode. This somehow affects Ronin, who briefly regains his memories of professor Akatsuki and tells Black Widow and Hawkeye they need the help of Dr. Strange to save Tony. He also tells Black Widow that Manino Giordani of the Celebrity Five has Dr. Strange’s DISK right now.

The team tries to think of a way to lure the Celebrity Five out so they can take the DISK from him. In their lair, the Celebrity Five have powered up Loki’s machine. Manino sees a news report about a new Italian Restaurant being opened on Techno Isle. The chef there, Cristiano Bonappétit, claims to be the best chef in the world, and openly calls Manino a third rate chef. In reality, it’s a trap set by the Avengers (Cristiano is actually Chris). Manino takes the bait and comes to Techno Isle to defend his title. He challenges Cristiano to a duel. Chris reluctantly plays along while his team waits for the perfect moment to surprise Manino.

Once Manino is done cooking, Chris reveals who he really is and is joined by the others. Manino is not willing to go down without a fight, and D-smashes Diablo + 3 destroyers. The kids D-smash their partners (with Akira D-smashing Falcon due to Iron Man being incapacitated). Diablo uses his alchemy to make the destroyers much stronger than any the team has fought so far, making them more than a match for the heroes. Just when it seems Manino will win, Falcon knocks Diablo into the restaurant, making him drop his bottle of potion. Diablo tries to reclaim it to give himself more power, but accidently grabs a bottle of spicy sauce and drinks it. In his agony, Diablo causes Manino to drop Dr. Strange’s DISK, and Akira grabs it. He throws it to Hikaru, who D-Smashes Strange.

Dr. Strange uses his teleportation magic to make the Destroyers take out each other. He then defeats Diablo. All villains are D-secured by the kids. Only Manino gets away. Back at the base, Dr. Strange uses his magic on Tony to try and dispel the dark energies inside him. It works and Tony wakes up. Akira apologizes for being mad at Tony, while Tony apologizes for keeping the truth about Ronin a secret.


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