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"Tony's Waking Warning"

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"Tony's Waking Warning"

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Synopsis for "Tony's Waking Warning"

Tony Stark is cured, but Dr. Strange likes to know what he saw while his mind was trapped in the dark dimension. Tony tells them how he encountered Loki again in the Dark Dimension, but also someone much worse than the trickster god: the demonic Dormammu, who rules the Dark Dimension and now wants to conquer Earth too. Loki is working for him, and plans to release Dormammu from the Dark Dimension with the help of the Dark Gate. Loki and the Celebrity Five have been stealing the treasures of Darkness to open this gate. Tony briefly fought Loki in the Dark Dimension before being rescues from the place by Dr. Strange.

The Avengers realize they have to find the Dark Gate and prevent Dormammu from ever crossing into this realm. Dr. Strange can use his magic to track down the Dimension Sphere, and thus the gate. Iron Man wonders if it is possible to save Professor Akatsuki from Dormammu’s influence as well. Dr. Strange states it is, as long as the Dark Gate is not opened.

Akatsuki meanwhile still struggles to break free from Dormammu’s influence. This manifests in a mental battle where Akatsuki, dressed in a white Ronin costume, fights Ronin. Dr. Strange feels the struggle while searching for the Dimension Sphere, and his vision is blocked by Ronin’s dark aura. Strange orders the five kids to hold hands and, through him, send Professor Akatsuki the strength he needs to temporarily overcome Ronin. This allows Dr. Strange to finally see the location of the Sphere in an abandoned warehouse.

The group quickly makes their way to there, but Tim Gillliam and Joel Murphy await them and D-Smashes Bi-Beast and Iron Monger. Chris, Ed and Jessica D-Smash their partners, but urge Akira and Hikaru to save their D-smashes for later. Captain America and Wasp take on Iron Monger, while Hulk fights Bi-Beast. Hikaru and Akira use the distraction to sneak into the warehouse, where they are confronted by Ronin, who is once more under Loki and Dormammu’s control.


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