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Ronin blocks Hikaru and Akira’s way to the Dark Gate device. Both boys try to get through to their father, to no avail. They have no choice but to D-Smash Thor and Iron Man so they can fight Ronin. Meanwhile, the Dark Gate device begins to work and the portal to the Dark Dimension opens. Outside, Hulk, Wasp and Captain America + their partners notice the glow of the Dark Gate. However, they can’t do anything since they’re still fighting Iron Monger and Bi-Beast.

Hikaru suggests they destroy the Dark Gate device. Iron Man and Thor lure Ronin away from the device, so that Hikaru and Akira can D-Smash Falcon and Nova to destroy it. However, Falcon is forced to help fight Roning and Nova’s attack is reflected back at him by the energy powering the gate. Hikaru has to recall him to his DISK. Suddenly, Loki emerges from the Dark Dimension.

Outside, the time limit of Wasp, Captain America and Hulk is starting to run out, so their partners use their evolved biocodes to give their heroes some more time. They also D-smash their second heroes. Inside the warehouse, the Avengers fight Ronin and Loki. Hawkeye seemingly also shows up to join the battle, however it is actually Loki, who uses the appearance of Hawkeye to take out Falcon. Akira once more tries to snap make Ronin remember who he is. Just when it seems to be working, Dormammu begins to emerge from the portal and starts to suck everybody inside the Warehouse into the Dark Dimension. The Celebrity Five are the first to go, and realize Loki has just been using them. Akira grabs Ronin’s hand to prevent him from being sucked into the portal, just like he did back at Loki’s Ice Palace. This act finally gets through to Ronin, and he regains his persona of Professor Akatsuki. Just before he and Akira are sucked into the Dark Dimension as well, Akatsuki uses his sword to destroy the Dark Gate device, closing the portal.

Now it’s just Loki to fight Thor and Iron Man. Both heroes receive their build up armors and fire their attacks at Loki. This act also uses up their time limit and they return to their DISKs. Akira and Hikaru are reunited with their father, while Chris, Ed and Jessica reveal they defeated and D-Secured Bi-Beast and Iron Monger. Unfortunately, this is not the end. The Dark Gate has been opened long enough to allow a sufficient amount of dark energy to enter Earth, so now Dormammu can open the portal himself. Indeed, up in the sky a portal to the Dark Dimension opens.

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