"Mighty Thor Descends!"

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"Mighty Thor Descends!"

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Akira and Spider-Man are still under attack from Diamondback. Hikaru agrees to help Hawkeye with his plan. The two parachute out of the Helicarrier and land in New York. They arrive just in time to save Akira from one of Diamondback's bombs. Hikaru rushed into the bank, where he finds Rosetta Riley, who has already found the DIKS. It turns out to be King Cobra, and she D-smashes him. Hikaru is forced to flee. He is rescued by Spider-Man, who gives him Thor's DISK. Hikaru D-Smashed Thor, who easily defeats King Cobra. Diamondback attempts to trap the heroes with one of her cluster bombs, but Thor gets rid of these with a tornado. Akira D-Secures Diamondback.

Tim Gilliam and M.O.D.O.K. come to Rosetta's aid. She manages to reclaim King Cobra before fleeing the scene. Thor meanwhile meets his new partner Hikaru. On board the helicarrier, Maria Hill pleads with Senator Robert to place Akira, Hikaru and the other 3 children with biocodes under protection, but he refuses. It turns out Senator Robert is actually Loki in disguise. He has a radar for detecting DISKs, which he has stolen from Dr. Akatsuki (who is now imprisoned in Loki's ice palace). Loki realizes Spider-Man has the other DISKs containing the Avengers. The Akatsuki brothers, Iron Man and Thor meet up with Pepper Potts, and decide to search for the other 3 kids. Spider-Man finds Chris, who is also being tracked down by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.


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