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The S.H.I.E.L.D. agent following Chris is attacked by Joel Murphy and Abomination. Chris however is already safely in his apartment, along with Spider-Man, who tries to confince Chris to join the search for the DISKs. Chris refuses however since he considers being a hero lame. Earlier, Edward and Jessica have also refused Spider-Man's offer (due to being too afraid and being too busy respectively), so Spider-Man is desperate to convince Chris to change his mind.

Abomination crashes into the apartment and attacks Spider-Man, stealing the DISKs of Wasp and Hulk. Spider-Man himself is also taken captive. Edward and Jessica are abducted by the Celebrity Five and imprisoned aboard a ship. Chris, not willing to give up Captain America's DISK to Joel Murphy and Abomination, jumps out off the balcony, but is caught by Iron Man. He brings Chris to Stark Tower, where he is given a bracelet to D-Smash DISKS. Thor suggests they should find and free Jessica and Edward as soon as possible. Chris however is still not willing to cooperate. We learn that this is in part due to an argument he had with his lawyer father.

On the news, the team sees that an air force base community is under attack, and Hulk turns out to be the attacker. He is being mind controlled by Diablo, who in turn is working for the Celebrity Five. Akira, Hikaru, Thor, Iron Man and Pepper prepare to go to the base with a plane Iron Man designed. At the last moment, Chris also joins them. On board the ship, Edward and Jessica attempt an escape. Iron Man and Thor attack the Hulk, who doesn't recognize them and is unfazed by any of their attacks. After much insistence from Akira and Hikaru, Chris finally joins the fight and D-Smashes Captain America.

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