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Captain America confronts Hulk, who is still being mind-controlled by Diablo. Akira and Hikaru recall Iron Man and Thor so the heroes can recover from their beating. Captain America manages to hold his own against Hulk despite the difference in strength. Since he can’t defeat the Hulk in direct combat, Cap tries to tire him out.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man is held captive on board the same ship that Edward and Jessica are trapped on. Tim Gilliam is about to put Spider-Man into a DISK, Jessica and Edward break into the room and distract Tim. Jessica reveals that she’s got a biocode bracelet, and Wasp’s DISK, which she both stole from Tim’s room while venturing through the ventilation ducts. She D-Smashes Wasp, to which Tim respons by D-Smashing M.O.D.O.K.. Wasp frees Spider-Man so they can team up against M.O.D.O.K.. Manino Giordani, Joel Murphy, Okuma Jubei and Diablo now also join the fight, D-smashing Abomination and Whirlwind. Spider-Man knows Wasp’s time will soon run out, so he urges her to flee with Jessica and Ed while he distracts the villains. In the fight, Spider-Man causes Diablo to drop his potion, which breaks his spell over the Hulk. Akira quickly D-secures Hulk in a new DISK so the Celebrity Five cannot call him back.

Jessica sends out an S.O.S., but S.H.I.E.L.D. can still not act without Senator Robert’s permission. Rosetta Riley sends King Cobra into the ventilation ducts to hunt down the 2 kids. Jessica offers Edward a chance to run while she buys him some time. Edward does so, but quickly runs into Whirlwind and Jubei. The Stark Industries Jet appears with Pepper, Akira, Hikaru and Chris on board, having picked up the SOS. Whirlwind attempts to stop them with a tornado. Akira attempst to D-smash Hulk in hopes that he can break through the tornado, but it fails. On the ship, King Cobra closes in on Jessica and Spider-Man is defeated.

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