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"Spider-Man is Missing"

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"Spider-Man is Missing"

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Synopsis for "Spider-Man is Missing"

The battle between the Avengers and the villains aligned with the Celebrity Five begins. Below deck, Spider-Man tries to recover from the severe beating he received.

Hulk takes on Abomination, Wasp fights M.O.D.O.K., and Iron Man and Captain America defeat King Cobra, but afterwards Iron Man is called back to his DISK. Thor interrogates the Celebrity Five about Loki’s plans. Jubei unsuccessfully tries to fight him. Before they can reveal anything however, Loki appears, disguised as Hikaru, and attacks Thor, incapacitating him. He then orders Abomination to sink the ship. The Celebrity Five recall M.O.D.O.K. and Abomination, and Loki teleports all of them away, leaving the kids and the Avengers on the now sinking ship.

Jessica and Ed D-Secure King Cobra, Whirlwind and Diablo. Thor then takes the kids to the jet while Captain America, Hulk and Wasp go looking for Spider-Man, who is still below in the rapidly flooding parts of the ship. The ship explodes seemingly before the heroes can reach him. Not much later, in New York City, Rosetta Riley reports Spider-Man’s demise. She also informs the public that Senator Robert intends to use the incident on board the ship as evidence that superheroes should be government controlled. However, Spider-Man suddenly appears alive and well. A flashback then reveals the Avengers reached him just in time.

On board the Stark Industries Jet, The Avengers and their new partners discuss their victory and the best strategy from now on. But things are starting to look bleak again when the president approves Senator Roberts’ Superhuman Registration Act. Not much later, Senator Robert leads a squadron of armed soldiers in an attack on Stark Tower. However, the tower turns out to be abandoned; the Avengers and the kids had been warned by Hawkeye and relocated to Japan to escape the registration act. They take up residence in Tony Stark's facility there.

The next morning, Tony takes Akira to meet an old aquintance of his: Silver Samurai. However, Akira is dumbfounded to learn that Silver Samurai is in fact a villain.


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