Quote1.png I hate Utah. I hate magicians. I hope the Hulk's enjoying my bath. Quote2.png
-- Thing

Appearing in "The Clash Part Two"

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Synopsis for "The Clash Part Two"

In New York City, the Thing explodes through the wall of the Sanctum Sanctorium, and lands in the alley below. He recounts the events that led to the current situation; how Doctor Strange used his physic powers to contact Ben and transport him to the prison that Strange was in, and how he needed Ben's help to escape. Ben fought his ay through the guards and freed Strange, and the two returned to the Sanctum, only to find that Strange's captor, Xandu, was there, using the Ruby of Domination to enslave and control the minds of every human on earth. However, he currently only has the power to control one mind, and he has chosen to control the mind of the Hulk. Xandu commands Hulk to finish Thing off, while he fights Dr. Strange for control of the ruby. Hulk jumps out of the Sanctum and into the alley, and Thing barely avoids him. Inside the Sanctum, Xandu uses the ruby's power to his advantage, doubling the poor of his mystical abilities, and Dr. Strange struggles to hold his own. Outside, Thing tries to reason with Hulk, who continue to attack him. Hulk wildly swings at him, and he dodges the blow. Using a drain pipe, Thing swings it at the man-monster, but Hulk breaks the pipe and charges him. He avoids Hulk, and Hulk crashes into the wall behind him. He grabs hulk's head out of the hole in the wall, and punches him across the alley. Hulk gets back up, but Thing punches him again. He takes another swing at Thing, who dodges it again. Thing takes the opportunity and begins pummeling Hulk, punching him in thence again and again. He finally knocks the jade giant down, and prepares to end the fight. In the sanctum, Xandu notices through the hole in the wall that the Thing is winning the battle. Realizing that his spell on Hulk must be affecting the brute's fighting ability, he releases releases Hulk from his control. Back in the alley, Thing knocks Hulk into another building wall. Hulk recovers, exclaiming that his head hurts. Hulk realize that someone has been hitting him, and deduces that it must've been Thing. Thing notices that Hulk is his old self again, and tries to tap to him, but he punches Thing in the face.

Meanwhile, Strange and Xandu continue their fight, but Strange is suddenly hit over the head and knocked unconscious. His attacker is none other than his servant Wong, who is now under Xandu's control. Having dealt with Stange, Xandu begins becoming one with the ruby. Outside, Thing and Hulk collide with each other, and Hulk knocks Thing down. He tries o get up, but Hulk twists his rm and slams him back down into the round. He notices a loose electrical cable under the wrecked turf, and pulls it up and zaps Hulk with it. This only makes Hulk angrier, and he smashes Thing through the street and into the sewers below them. Realizing that their fight will only wreck the neighborhood, Thing runs down the sewer, trying to lure Hulk away from the civilians. Hulk follows Thing, who hides around a corner. Hulk comes around the corner, and Hulk punches him into the water. He then pulls out one of the sewer's supports, collapsing the ceiling on Hulk. He climbs out into the street, and sees that several buildings have collapsed because of his stunt. He tries to dig through the rubble to free Hulk, but Hulk punches out of the rubble and slams into him. He punches Thing through more rubble, and Thing decides to lure him over to a nearby dock. Hulk follows, and Thing throws a crate at him, which he smashes with his fist. He looks up and doesn't see thing anywhere. Under the dock, Thing limbs up out of the water and smashes the dock, sending Hulk careening into the water. He then heads back to the Sanctum, but Hulk jumps out of the water and gives chase. Thing hails a cab, and Hulk jumps through the street after the car. Thing, driving the car, swerves to avoid the monster, but Hulk lands on op of the act and begins tearing it apart. Thing crashes the car into an apartment building, and runs upstairs and onto the roof. Hulk jumps through the building and explodes out of the roof, and he lands on the roof that Thing is on.

Out of options, Thing is forced to fight Hulk, and he slams his fist into Hulk's jaw. Hulk swings around and knows him in the back of the head, and the two tumble onto the roof of the next building. Thing kicks Hulk off of him, and the jade giant lands head-first in the street. Thing looks over the side of the roof and finds that he ended up right next-door to the Sanctum Sanctorium. Hulk jumps back onto the roof, and Thing lures the brute towards him. Hulk tackles him off of the roof, and the two crash through the roof of the Sanctum, and land in heap on the floor. Thing gets up and smashes the ruby, freeing Strange and cutting off Xandu's power source. Strange and Wong imprison Xandu, and Strange takes control of Hulk's mind. He tells Thing that he will return both of them to their proper places. Transporting Hulk and Thing away, strange sits down and takes a rest. Meanwhile, Thing sits on a rock in Utah, as Strange's spell accidentally made him and Hulk swap places. He remarks that he hates Utah and magicians, and that he hopes Hulk is enjoying his bath.


Publication Notes

  • Includes a one-page Editori-Al comic strip.
  • Pinup art on back cover by Jim Starlin and Al Milgrom.

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