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Appearing in "Instinct"

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  • Grizzly bears
  • Wendigo Next Appearance of Wendigo (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "Instinct"

Having taken a trip to Canada, Wolverine stands in a forest, and entices a bear cub and its mother to attack him, trying to test how well he can control his feral, savage side. The mother rakes its paw across Wolverine's back, and he loses control, popping his claws and slashing at the bear's face. Before the two parties can go any further in their fight, they all hear a loud howl, and forget what they're doing. Wolverine leaves to check it out. Elsewhere in the woods, Heather Hudson and Simmons collect evidence of a recent attack on a group of surveyors, as they interview Jonas and Tamara Fleet. They're interrupted by Wolverine, who greets Heather. She fills him in on what they're doing; trying to find out what slaughtered a group of six men. Wolverine finds a tuft of white fur, and runs off, telling them to get to high ground, because he knows what creature did this. Jonas follows him, not wanting Logan to kill the creature when he finds it.

Heather and Tamara notify Wilson Meyers, and Tamara explains to Heather that her brother disappeared on a similar expedition. Elsewhere, Logan continues following the trail, and he explains to Jonas what they're dealing with. Wolverine describes the creature's origins and the two hear a loud rumbling noise approaching, which Logan instantly recognizes; meanwhile, the source of the noise, the Hulk, lands near a cave, and finds bones. He smells them, and concludes that they're fresh, and that they were killed recently. The creature, a Wendigo, springs out of the cave and attacks Hulk, slashing his back with its sharp claws. As the two fight, Logan tells Jonas that he'll try to lure Hulk away from the Wendigo so that he won't kill the latter and then Jonas can go into the cave and look for any surviving men. Annoyed, Hulk uproots a tree and smacks the Wendigo with it, sending the creature flying. Hulk jumps after him, and Logan is forced to follow on foot until the Cradle arrives, on loan from S.H.I.E.L.D., and Wolverine gets in.

Meanwhile, in St. Aubin's, Hulk and the Wendigo land in the middle of the street. In lieu of fighting, Hulk exclaims that he came up north because there'd be less people, but even here, there's someone out to get him. He asks when everyone will learn, that no one can beat the Hulk. Hulk puts the Wendigo in a headlock, and prepares to push his finger through the creature's head, when the Cradle flies by above them, and Wolverine jumps out. The Wendigo bites Hulk's hand, and he lets go. Falling towards the two, Wolverine tries to tell Hulk to back off, because they can't fight the Wendigo with all the people around, but he makes the mistake of calling him Banner, and he Hulk angrily swats Wolverine into a logging truck, saying that Banner is dead, and that it's just Hulk against the world, and he intends to win. He then hurls a truck at Logan, who looks up just in time to see it hit him. The truck explodes, and Hulk returns his attention to the Wendigo. Wolverine emerges from the burning wreckage, screaming Banner's name. Completely consumed by blood lust, Wolverine attacks Hulk, slashing furiously at his chest. Hulk tells him to bring it on, but is interrupted by Wolverine's wild slashing. The Wendigo watches them fight, and decides to kill them both. Wolverine and the Wendigo attack Hulk from two sides, both furiously slashing and cutting him with their deadly class. He tries to fight back, but all the clawing, gnashing, and biting eventually wears him down, and he slumps overrun to the ground, bloody and unconscious.

Wolverine turns to leave, but hears breathing behind him, and looks to see the Hulk, who has just gotten his second wind. Hulk asks the Wendigo and Wolverine if they're paying attention, and he tells Wolverine to remember this moment, when a very angry Hulk stared Wolverine in the eyes and kept his cool. Hulk smashes the water tower next to him, and it breaks, flooding the street and covering the trees. The Cradle hovers down, and retrieves the Wendigo, containing him, and locking him up inside. Jonas puts the Wendigo to sleep with a drug, and then leaves to tend to the other wounded victims. Later, after stabilizing the injured, he thinks that all he has to do now is explain to Tamara that this Wendigo is her brother. Meanwhile, Tamara goes into the containment room with a gun, intending to kill the Wendigo for what it "did" to her brother, but it says her name. She's stunned, long enough for the Wendigo to escape his bonds and knock the gun out of her hand. Jonas runs in, and he hugs her, and Tamara, frightened, tells him that the Wendigo escaped, and is loose again.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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