Stephen Strange (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 5 001
Doctor Strange
I suspect you won because you had no brain large enough for him to grab onto -- to paralyze.
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Bruce Banner (Earth-616)
The Incredible Hulk
What? Are you trying to insult Hulk?
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Appearing in "A Titan Walks Among Us!"

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Synopsis for "A Titan Walks Among Us!"

With the Hulk nowhere in sight, General Ross takes Jim Wilson to supervise a splashdown of two astronauts returning from space. When their capsule sinks, it is saved by the Sub-Mariner who is rudely dismissed for his efforts. The Astronauts in in question soon quit NASA in order to start their own television show called Astro-Nuts. One of the "Astro-Nuts" on the show is a giant woolly creature that wins the heart of children all over the world. However, what appears to be a lovable character is really Xemnu, an alien from outer space who has taken possession over the body of one of the astronauts, and plans on coercing the children who watch him on television to follow him to his home planet where he intends on converting them into members of his own race so that he may no be lonely any more.

Suspicious of Xemnu's intentions, Jim gets in touch with Dr. Strange who calls upon Namor, and brings the attention of the Hulk after posing as the green goliath on a televised event. The three learn Xemnu's true plot and battle him when he is about to transport the children under his thrall into space. Hulk seemingly pounds Xemnu into non-existence, and when the battle is over, all parties depart when the military tries to take in the Hulk.

Solicit Synopsis

What kind of menace can take on Sub-mariner, Dr. Strange, and the incredible Hulk? Wait and see, pilgrim - when stalks the Titan!


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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