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Quote1.png My uncle's terribly hung-up on his experiments and he wants me to be his guinea pig! Quote2.png
Trixie Starr

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Synopsis for "Fear's the Way He Dies!"

Henry Pym, still trapped in a shrunken size (about that of a field mouse) is being attacked by a hawk. He takes several steps to elude it, including dismantling his ant-communication helmet in order to construct a make-shift weapon. Free of the bird, he comes across Egghead abusing his niece, Trixie, in a junkyard. He's trying to convince her to be a part of his latest plan. Pym interferes and Egghead pulls a gun. Trixie saves Pym and they both run off to hide.

Egghead finds them days later. He captures Trixie and tries to kill Pym, but Hank escapes and sabotages Egghead's plans, which was to drain Trixie's "child prodigy" mind and add it to his own. When the two go their separate ways, Pym returns home to see his wife, Janet, lying on the floor, unconscious.

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Trapped in a world too big for him! Ant-Man comes face to face with - Egghead!


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