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Quote1.png I told you before Hank Pym... I'm not gonna ever leave you! Quote2.png
Wasp (Janet Van Dyne)

Appearing in "Paranoia Is: The Para-Man!"

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Other Characters:

  • Whirlwind (Mentioned)
  • Woytus' (Henry Pym's neighbors) (Mentioned)
  • Goshawk (Mentioned)

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Synopsis for "Paranoia Is: The Para-Man!"

Hank Pym and his wife, Janet, are running across an open field. After their house caught fire and they were presumed dead by the local newspapers, they had to get somewhere with a lab so they could cure their inability to return to normal height. On their way, they are caught by a very dumb person (Hank's words, not mine) who puts them in separate mason jars.

A robot comes in and demands the human, Boswell, clean the house for him. Norman is the creator of this robot, who wishes to be called Para-Man and who has the emotional maturity of a spoiled brat. Hijinx occurs and Para-Man tries to kill Wasp and Hank, but Hank sets the house on fire and the robot loses everything but its head, and it demands that Boswellget to work on developing a new body for it.

As Hank and Wasp escape, the Wasp's chemistry is further affected by the concoction she tested last issue and she mutates into a killer wasp that wants to kill Hank.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Astonishing Ant-Mail. Letters are published from David B. Michelinie and Bob Margolis.


  • Future Marvel writer David Michelinie lists his address at this time as Jeffersonville, Indiana.

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