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Quote1.png "Go to the ants thou sluggard!" Quote2.png
Maria Pym quoting her father Janos Trovaya

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Synopsis for "Prelude to Disaster!"

As a maddened, mutated Jan tries to kill her husband, Hank Pym recalls their first meeting long ago...

Solicit Synopsis

The agonizin' Ant-Man fights on!


  • Sequence 1 Prelude to Disaster!
    • This is primarily a flashback consisting of a reprint (pages 3-19) of the Ant-Man story in Tales to Astonish #44.
    • pencils (story pages): Russell pages 1 & 2, Starlin first half of page 3 & 20, Kirby second half of page 3-19.
    • inks (story pages): Janes pages 1-first half of page 3 & 20, Heck second half of page 3-19.
      • Janes is credited as Jimmy Janes.
  • This issue features a letters page, Astonishing Ant-Mail. Letters are published from Shirley A. Gorman, Mike Francis, and Cathy Czene.

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