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First powers manifestation

"Marvel Girl" was a young and rich woman from San Francisco who wanted to be a hero. Passing through a selection operated by Lobe's society, Sublime, she was choose with four others people, among two thousands participants, and was given to her the powers of one of the five original X-Men: Marvel Girl.

The "X-Men" were then send into town to operate as costumed heroes, as a promotion for Sublime products, proved themselves to be messy and unorganized heroes.

When the true X-Men were battling the Collective Man, those impersonators came, intending to help their idols, but were soon knock out by the Chinese mutant. The five of them were send to the X-Brig of Utopia, and interrogated by the adamantium-poisoned Wolverine.


Seemingly those of her pattern: Jean Grey (Earth-616)#Powers


  • Temporary Powers: Since "Marvel Girl"'s powers come from a drug consumed in dose-to-dose basis, her powers are temporary. After a unknown amount of time, they disappear, rendering her a normal human again.


Her telekinesis allows her to fly.

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