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Poison Marvel Girl was the Poison who assimilated the Symbiote-clad Marvel Girl. Alongside Poison Killer Thrill and numerous unbound Poisons, she took the fight to the Symbiote-clad X-Men and Venom.[1]

Unfortunately for the Poisons, they were released into deep space before any more X-Men could be assimilated. However, after the adventure, Cyclops recieved a psychic message from Poison Marvel Girl, implying the Poisons had survived the exposure to deep space.[2]

She arrived back on Earth during the Hive's invasion of the Prime Marvel Universe, and took the Poison X-Force with her to Manhattan Bridge, to face off against, and assimilate, the heroes.[3]

After the heroes escaped Manhattan Bridge with the help of Kid Kaiju, Poison Marvel Girl used Jean Grey's mental connection to Cyclops to locate their base of operations, Alchemax Tower, and had numerous Poisons attack the tower. Poison Marvel Girl herself stayed on Poison Thanos' ship with Poison Doctor Doom in order to defend the Queen; however, Jean Grey had managed to resist being consumed by the Hive and eventually killed Poison Marvel Girl, manifesting as a psionic entity before killing the Poison Queen and ending the threat of the Hive.[4]

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