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Doctor Doom

Appearing in "Emperor Doom"

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Synopsis for "Emperor Doom"

When Doctor Doom abducts the mind-controlling villain the Purple Man, he finds a way to amplify his power through a prism-like device, enabling him to enslave most of the world's population. He enlists the Sub-Mariner as his lieutenant to deal with those individuals who are immune to the Purple Man's power.

Among those who Doom enslaves are the Avengers, including its West Coast team, and had them work as his underlings. One Avenger, the ionic-powered Wonder Man was in a sensory deprivation chamber, and is not affected by Purple Man's power. He is shocked to find the world ruled by Doom.

Although Doom's regime does have positive aspects, like bringing about world peace, eliminating crime, ridding the world of nuclear weapons, and ending apartheid in South Africa, the people were not truly free. Wonder Man knew Doom had to be overthrown, and set about convincing the Avengers with the strongest wills, including Captain America, Wasp, Iron Man, and Hawkeye to break free of Doom's control.

The Avengers managed to overthrow Doom's regime and end his control of the Earth's population, returning the planet to its former status, both good and bad.


  • Doom's takeover of the world has apparently been removed from peoples' memories. Doctor Octopus states that Doom using Purple Man to control the world "was only ever a rumor".[1]


  • Cover art: logo design by Lopez.
  • Script: Gruenwald and Shooter helped with the "concept".
  • Inks: assist by Williams.
  • No colouring credit.

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