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Synopsis for "Dazzler: The Movie"

While teaching an aerobics class, Alison briefly loses control over her powers and begins to glow in front of everyone, but corrects it before anyone can believe what they are seeing. After her class, she is approached by Eric Beale, the owner of Beale Productions, who is interested in connecting her with the "right" people, however she politely declines his offer and goes off to begin her regular workout. During her session, she is approached a nervous young man named Freddy who tries to befriend her. However, they are interrupted by the club owner Mr. Witwicky and Eric Beale. Beale informs Alison that he just bought the club and wants to promote her, a ploy to once more introduce her to the "right" people in the industry. She declines his offer to go out in favor of going out with Freddy, who she encourages to be a confident young man, and they share a brief kiss.

After her date, Alison returns home to relax and catch up on the news, the paper is full of the usual anti-mutant headlines, which makes her worry about being outed as a mutant and the effect on her career. Alison gets a call from Storm of the X-Men who is concerned about her well being with the current wave of anti-mutant hysteria; but Alison insists that she is fine and that she can look after herself. After the phone call she begins to get ready for her first L.A. singing gig. Elsewhere at the mansion of Roman Nikoboh, Roman sees out his latest female conquest and goes through his rigorous grooming routine so that he is presentable for Dazzler's show.

Attending the show is Eric Beale, who is still interested in trying to woo Dazzler into his employ. When her show is done, Dazzler is bombarded by paparazzi who question her about her involvement with Roman Nikoboh and she is forced to exit the club from the rear and catch a cab home. Upset over the negative publicity that Nikoboh has made for her, she is even more infuriated by the fact that he is in her apartment waiting for her and makes another sloppy advance toward her. Fed up with his constant meddling in her affairs, Alison screams at him until he leaves her apartment. Left alone, Alison wonders where her career can go if she has to rely on more famous people, with dubious intentions to carry her aloft.

While walking the streets the next day, Alison is once more confronted by Roman Nikoboh. He tries to follow her in his sports car, offering her a movie deal. She refuses but he continues to follow sending Alison into a run. When she rounds a corner, she uses her light powers to pop his tires causing him to crash. This doesn't stop Roman who cases after her, but suffers a minor heart attack from the physical exertion and Alison is forced to go to his aid. However, it really turns out that Roman had been faking it to see if she really did care. Finally warming up to Roman, she agrees to go out to dinner with him and listen to his next proposed movie deal, and Alison accepts trying to make it happen and the two being a relationship.

This gains them a lot of publicity and Alison starts living the life of the rich and famous and beings to openly indulge in its excesses. She eventually reveals to Roman her mutant nature and Roman is impressed and not at all turned off by her mutant nature, in fact her revelation only makes their relationship stronger. As the days progress, Roman finds a backer for their movie idea, from Eric Beale, in spite of Alison's misgivings about Beale's dubious interest in her, she agrees to the deal. They continue their whirlwind relationship and Alison plunges into the excessive life styles of the rich even further.

Days later she looks at herself in the mirror and is a little more than shocked to find that she is losing her shape. Roman then enters with a newspaper and reveals to her that he has publicly outed her as a mutant, hoping that they can garner more publicity for their movie and hopefully show mutants in a positive light. At first Alison is horrified that Roman has done this, but eventually she decides to go through with things and agrees to make a public demonstration of her mutant powers.

The appearance happens at an airport where Alison displays her powers to a large audience and by drawing energy from the sound of a jet engine to fuel her mutant power. The audience is horrified by the display and is visibly afraid of Alison's powers; a number of them flee the scene. Leaving, Dazzler is upset by the reaction and when they return to their hotel they are confronted by a group of anti-mutant bigots that Dazzler has to fight off with her light powers.

Dazzler decides to get back into shape, and in spite of the negative press that is generated from the revelation that she is a mutant; the film project goes on with a story that shows mutants in a positive light. The constant, and frequently violent protests against the movie deal has Roman worried about their mutual safety, however Dazzler, finally embracing her mutant nature is not worried and ensures him that she can look out for the both of them. When they screen the completed film, anti-mutant rioters smash into the studio forcing them to flee, Dazzler once more using her light powers to get them out of their jam.

The next day, she is called by Roman who tells her to go to the Beale Production Company before strangely hanging up the phone. Arriving there she is told that Roman had left and that Eric Beale wants to meet her. There she is blackmailed by Beale who had "bought" Roman with offering him a new concert tour and demands that she sign a new contract with him, where he owns her lock, stock and barrel, or face the destruction of her print and the career suicide. Alison does not break and refuses to sign the contract. She then uses her light powers to destroy both hers and Roman's contracts and supposedly the only print of the film and storms out of the studio.

Outside she is met by Roman, who after finding his courage had returned to try to terminate his contract. Alison tells him what she had done. With everything sorted out, Alison and Roman part amicably, and she vows that he will see her again and walks away once more proud of who she is.

This story is continued in Dazzler #35....

Solicit Synopsis

Winging her way out to Hollywood to make her first film, Dazzler's life seems to be on the upswing. But then her greatest nightmare comes true, turning her very existence into a hellish fight for survival as the world learns that Dazzler is a mutant. With bigots and mutant haters hounding her, with her powers undergoing a surprising metamorphosis, Dazzler seeks aid from the one person who might be able to help her-- Storm of the X-Men. Not to be missed.

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