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Appearing in "Swords of the Swashbucklers"

Featured Characters:

  • Swashbucklers
    • Captain Raader
    • Logik
    • Servitor
    • Spyeye

Supporting Characters:

  • Domino Blackthorne Drake
  • Pamela "Pam" Blackthorne
  • Jim Drake


  • Colonizer Armada
    • Commander Zel'kor (Death)
    • Quartite Al'zan
  • Black Bess

Other Characters:

  • Raader's mother
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • Bonnie Blackthorne (Painting)




  • Starshadow

Synopsis for "Swords of the Swashbucklers"

Domino Blackthorne Drake spent time on the beach with her cat Cap'n Kidd, searching for treasure, while her parents argued about her always doing so. Then, an object crashed from the sky in front of Domino, who touched it, as a storm came, knocking her unconscious. She was taken away by a helicopter with her mother deciding to fly with her to the mainland although the helicopter rose up into space, instead.

In space, a Colonizer Armada ship fought a group of pirates called the Swashbucklers led by Captain Raader. Later, the pirates stopped the Colonizer commander Zel'kor from jettisoning his cargo, which included his captives. Captain Raader killed Commander Zel'kor and rescued his captives before landing with them on an underdeveloped planet which they looted in order to deprive the Colonizers of its resources. Then, her Mantid first mate Logik informed her of a wavelength broadcast from an unfamiliar sector of space although their ship the Starshadow landed on a pirate port in the planet Haven with the loot.

When Raader awarded extra loot to a crippled man who was kicked by another man, Logik killed the crippled man. As Raader drank with her fellow pirates, her rival Black Bess after the former stole the latter's bedmate, leading to a fight. Raader killed a Colonizer spy before her crewmate Servitor saved her and returned her to her home. She was woken up by her mother at sunrise and told her about a signal-beacon from beyond the Cloudwall. When Servitor called for her, the Starshadow left Haven and attempted to sail beyond the Cloudwall before the Colonizers. Beyond the Cloudwall, the Swashbucklers discovered that the signal beacon was coming from Earth, the world of Raader's mother.

Three weeks later, Domino was still in a coma after being shocked and her mother gave her the locket with a picture of their ancestor Bonnie Blackthorne. As Pamela Blackthorne embraced her husband Jim Drake, the Starshadow landed on the sea, near their house, and she believed that Raader looked enough like her to be her sister. The Swashbucklers closed in on the beacon and defeated the Coast Guard before coming upon the beacon, an early colonial probe, which shocked Domino three weeks earlier, proving that the Colonizers had penetrated the Cloudwall before. As the Swashbucklers were angry that she would not allow them to loot, a Colonizer ship arrived while Pam and Jim contemplated what to do with Domino. Raader saved Domino from a Colonizer before the girl fell into a hole with the beacon and regained consciousness upon impact. Domino was also transformed and given power which she used in an unsuccessful attempt to rescue her parents from the Colonizer ship before falling into the water and being saved by Raader. Domino and Raader introduced themselves to each other and realized that they were related before the Swashbucklers planned to return to Haven.

Solicit Synopsis

Combine a 13-year-old Earth girl with a space-going crew of pirates and you've got one of the wildest adventures this side of Saturn!

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