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Synopsis for "Revenge of the Living Monolith"

Johnny Storm drags in Fayah Sahid, former disciple of Ahmet ‘The Living Pharaoh” Abdol. Soon four hovercraft teleport Reed, Sue & Johnny away, leaving Fayah triumphant and seeking egress through a window. The infiltrator soon learns the Fantastic Four headquarters windows are steel-tough Lexan, and that the She-Hulk is preparing to ‘pluck her limbs off like daisy petals’. Via remote, Salome Abdol (for Fayah is secretly the Living Pharaoh's beloved daughter), is turned to ash. She-Hulk calls in Cap, the lone Avenger on duty while rest of team is off visiting WCA. Captain America goes to find a science expert and finds Spider-Man outside Daily Bugle. Spider-Man quickly uses Reed’s lab to reverse-engineer the teleportation device Fayah used. Just as She-Hulk is about to test the device and follow the Four, an alert comes in. The Living Monolith has landed at LaGuardia and growing ever larger, heading for Manhattan and destroying everything he sees. From the Fantasticar Jen, Captain America and Spider-Man attack the Monolith. As Captain America talks Abdol down, the army moves in for the attack. Jets occupy Abdol while Captain America and Jen use damaged Con Ed cable to electrocute the behemoth. Jen jokes aloud that she hopes the lunatic doesn't spatter when he fries. Captain America doesn't think possibly killing a man is cause for levity. Jen quietly says she's sorry. She jolts the giant, who collapses in Central Park, still growing out of control. Spider-Man brings back the Fantastic Four, the Avengers arrive and Thor tries and fails to fling Abdol into space with his hammer. Abdol's followers attack, so super teams and New Yorkers alike battle the invaders. Abdol is moved when he sees a New York man die by laser for a young girl, and voluntarily leaps into space with Mjolnir’s help. His mad followers pursue, probably to their deaths. Superheroes move to help a ravaged city, and Abdol, ever growing, sprouts vegetation around a distant star and becomes a living planet.


  • Gruenwald, Macchio, Carlin, Fingeroth, Nocenti are consulting editors, Williams is assistant editor.
  • Logo by Janet Jackson.
  • Plot by Michelinie and Owsley, script by Michelinie.
  • Additional background inks by Witherby (credited as Michael Witherby), Joyce, Lord, Williams, Morgan and Acerno.


This is technically Apocalypse's first appearance, although it goes uncredited for many years. The unnamed man in the fez who recruits Abdol for the Cult of the Living Pharaoh was revealed to be a disguised Apocalypse in Uncanny X-Men #376.

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  1. 1.0 1.1 First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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