Appearing in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"

Featured Characters:

  • Roger Rabbit
  • Eddie Valiant
  • Jessica Rabbit

Supporting Characters:

  • Dolores
  • Marvin "The Gag King" Acme
  • Baby Herman
  • Benny the Cab
  • R.K. Maroon
  • Lt. Santino


  • Judge Doom
  • Toon Patrol Weasels


  • Los Angeles, California
  • Toon Town, California


  • Portable Hole


  • Toon Patrol Van
  • Pacific Electric Red Car Trolley
  • Steamroller
  • The Dip Machine

Synopsis for "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"

In a world where animated cartoon characters and humans co-exist, private detective Eddie Valiant is hired by the head of Maroon Cartoon Studios to get pictures of Jessica Rabbit, the wife of Maroon Cartoon star Roger Rabbit, cheating on Roger with Marvin "The Gag King" Acme. Valiant gets the pictures of Jessica and Marvin playing patty cake, and Roger is heartbroken at the evidence. The next morning, The Gag King is found dead inside his warehouse and clues lead Los Angeles police, Judge Doom, and his Toon Patrol to believe that Roger Rabbit killed Marvin out of anger. Roger seeks help from Valiant to clear his name, and two end up discovering a plot that could destroy the home of the toons, Toon Town, and wipe it completely off the map.


  • Indicia title: Marvel Graphic Novel: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  • Budiansky is editor, McDuffie is assistant editor.
  • Jippes credited with "comics adaptation".
  • Ferguson credited with "dialog".
  • Spiegle and Jippes both credited with "pencil and ink."
  • No colourist credit.
  • William Langley credited with cover design.
  • Cindy Kruhm credited with interior design.


  • No licensed cartoon characters (ex. Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, ect.) appear in this comic. A silhouette of Dumbo and a Betty Boop doll are the only characters not created for the film to appear in this book.
  • Marvin Acme is only referred to as Marvin The Gag King. It is unclear why since the word Acme is not owned by Warner Brothers, who made the fictional company popular in their Road Runner cartoons.
  • A scene which was deleted in the final version of the film is included in this book: Eddie Valiant is kidnapped by Judge Doom and the Toon Patrol and given a cartoon pig head to humiliate him.
  • A scene exclusive to this book is Eddie Valiant and his brother Teddy going after the toon who robbed the Toon Town bank (later revealed to be Judge Doom) and Teddy getting crushed by a piano.

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