Appearing in "Mr. Howard's Son Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3"

Featured Characters:

  • Rio (appointed interim-sheriff of Limestone City, then fired)

Supporting Characters:


  • Al Tanner (would-be bank robber, kidnapper, killed by Jesse James) (Death)
  • Riley (would-be bank robber, kidnapper, killed by Rio) (Death)
  • Cotton Dobbs (killed by Rio) (Death)

Other Characters:

  • Weasel (as Hubert C. Stokes)
  • Sheriff Buck Lewis (ex-sheriff of Limestone City) (Mentioned)
  • Mayor of Limestone City
  • Limestone City councilmen
  • Bob Ford (Bob Ford's brother, also spelled Charlie, part of Jesse James' gang)
  • Charley Ford (Bob Ford's brother, part of Jesse James' gang, also spelled Charlie)
  • "Zerelda "Zee" Howard" (Jesse James' wife)
  • Martha Algren (wife of Sidney Algren)
  • Clyde Algren (Martha and Sidney Algren's son)
  • Jesse James Junior (Zerelda Howard's son, as Timmy Howard)
  • Harlow Webb (appointed sheriff of Limestone City, killed by Cotton Dobbs) (Death)
  • Cole Younger Gang (Photo)
    • Weasel (Photo)
    • Cole Younger (Photo)
    • Frank James (Jesse James' brother) (Photo)
    • Jesse James (Photo)
  • Blaine (newspaperman)
  • Jerry (newspaperman)
  • Sidney Algren (Manager of the Limestone Bank)
  • Jesse James (as Thomas "Tom" Howard)
  • Mr. Ott


  • Missouri
    • Limestone City
      • Limestone City Hall



Synopsis for "Mr. Howard's Son Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

A tale of the West by Doug Wildey, creator of Jonny Quest! Rio discovers the secret family of Jesse James and runs straight into trouble from an unexpected source!


  • No month on issue.
  • Cindy Emmert credited as designer.
  • Wildey credited as "creator writer artist".
  • Colours and letters are not credited.
  • The title Mr. Howard's Son is a reference to Timmy the son of Tom Howard (a.k.a. Jesse James).

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