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  • Helicopter (Memories)
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Synopsis for "Trans Form: Part 3 of 4"


Increased to massive sized and enslaved by Nikoleta Harrow, the Hulk smashes his way through an army of AIM soldiers screaming Bruce Banner's name.

Years Ago

A young Nikoleta Harrow has been restrained by one of her creators after another outburst that claimed the lives of fourteen people. AIM agents Gail and Jonas, who gave their DNA to create Nikoleta protests the decision that they terminate their daughter. Nikoleta tells them that she committed this horrific act because she could, and to prove that she is better then them all. Meanwhile, MODOK is in a conference with Doctor's Midas and Doom over the status of Project: Miru. Neither Midas or Doom are impressed with the results and are pulling their backing to find someone else who can fit their needs.

MODOK tries to convince them of the programs continued viability when his headquarters is suddenly rocked by a massive explosion. When MODOK goes to see what happens he finds Gail and Jonas, who tell MODOK that Nikoleta broke free and escaped, killing every operative except for them.


Nikoleta watches as the Hulk obliterates the AIM army, gloating over her ability to accomplish what AIM has failed to do for years: control the Hulk. No longer needing her assistant, Dr. Mantlo, she kills him in cold blood. With the battle over, Nikoleta orders the Hulk to stand down and gloats over her victory. She asks the Hulk what it is like to operate without Banner holding him back and wonders what sort of dreams Bruce has damned himself into.

Deep inside the Hulk's mind, Bruce Banner dreams of the day of the gamma bomb explosion that turned him into the Hulk. However, in this dream, Banner manages to get into the safety ditch along with Rick Jones, and narrowly avoids getting caught in the blast. Rick introduces himself and thanks Bruce for saving his life. Before Banner can tell him how he was responsible for their near death experience, General Ross arrives on the scene and reminds him that information is classified. Happy to see that Banner wasn't harmed, Thaddeus asks him to return to base so they can debrief him. After a year, Bruce Banner has suffered a battery of tests and is still found to be in good health. Bruce is upset that Ross, now his father-in-law continues to have him examined under military observation and questions the men in black that accompany them as to when he can get his freedom back.

Banner is returned to his home, which is surrounded by high walls and 24 hour military guard. He complains to his wife Betty how they can continue living like this. He is also horrified by all the lives that have been lost thanks to the military using the gamma bomb against their enemies. Years pass again, and Betty dies of gamma radiation poisoning. This is the last straw for Banner who manages to break out. Thaddeus Ross follows after him in a helicopter and tries to convince him to get over his guilt, pointing out that he knew what the bomb would do and how gamma radiation would affect everyone. The man in black riding with Ross decides that Banner has outlived his usefulness and orders him terminated. Banner is mowed down by a hail of bullets and is killed instantly.

By this point, the Hulk is struggling in his restraints due to the nightmare Banner is experiencing. Nikoleta tells the Hulk to calm down as he could disrupt their ship and make them crash. However, she is surprised when the Hulk shrinks back to his normal size and reverts back into Bruce Banner. Banner reveals that his memory has returned and he remembers everything. Nikoleta has other concerns and when Banner asks where they are she is surprised he doesn't recognise their destination: The site of the gamma bomb test that turned him into the Hulk all those years ago.

Solicit Synopsis

An amnesiac Dr. Bruce Banner is locked in a desperate power struggle – for his rampaging alter-ego!

  • Who is Nikoleta Harrow, heir of A.I.M., and how has she enslaved the Hulk?
  • It's a brain-bending mystery and quirky cool Hulk action downloaded directly from the mad minds of Keatinge & Kowalski!


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