Quote1.png That's the thing, what no one ever understands. It's never been me, it's never about control. It's simpler. Hulk is the strongest one there is. Quote2.png
-- Bruce Banner

Appearing in "Transform: Part 4 of 4"

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Synopsis for "Transform: Part 4 of 4"

Bruce Banner is taken back to the site of the gamma bomb test that first turned him into the Hulk by Nikoleta Harrow. He warns her of the dangers of a Hulk unrestrained by Bruce Banner and warns that he cannot be controlled. She scoffs at him, reminding him how easily they captured Banner and took the DNA samples they needed from him. However, Banner also reminds her that they couldn't contain the Hulk and that's how he broke free and fell from orbit, crash landing in France. Still, she doesn't care if she lives or dies as long as the Hulk carries out her wishes. With time running out, Nikoleta takes him deep into the bowels of the decommissioned missile base. Suddenly, MODOK Superior and his AIM minions arrive on site and he orders Nikoleta destroyed. While down below, Nikoleta tells Banner that the military continued working on new gamma bombs and that she has been here many times and developed a bomb of her own.

At that moment, the AIM soldiers locate her Gamma Bomb just seconds before it goes off. The resulting explosion causes part of the underground complex to collapse on Bruce Banner. This triggers a transformation into the Hulk again. Like last time, the Hulk grows to monstrous size and begins savagely attacking the forces of AIM. Deciding to get in on this, Nikoleta injects herself with the Super-Soldier Serum/Gamma Radiation mixture she had created and transforms into a Hulk herself. As MODOK Superior still calls for Nikoleta's destruction, she attacks the Hulk. Catching him off guard, she seemingly defeats the gamma-spawned monster to prove that she could do what AIM has failed to accomplish. However, the Hulk gets back up and the two begins fighting again. Due to the instability of the formula, she injected herself with, Nikoleta realizes that the gamma radiation eventually breaks down the host. Her final words are demanding to know how Bruce Banner manages to contain the Hulk when she suddenly explodes. Reverting back to human form, Banner says that it is never about control, it's that the Hulk is the strongest there is. Soon after the blast, a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopter lands at the site of the blast and Banner willingly surrenders to Molly Fitzgerald.

Meanwhile, from secret locations, these series of events were all put into motion by Doctor Doom and Doctor Midas as part of a game. A game which Doom won, much to the anger of Midas. While back aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopter, Banner asks how many people died thanks to Nikoleta Harrow's insane scheme. Molly says they are still running up those numbers, but confirms that Dyane, the woman who fished him out of the Seine is alive and unharmed. However, she does tell Banner that her father was gunned down by Nikoleta's men, and questions just how Banner intends to attone for what happened. One week later, Bruce Banner is back in Paris and waits outside of the gallery owned by Dyane. Going to a window he makes eye contact with her and mouths "je regrette tellement", I'm so sorry in French and then walks away.

Solicit Synopsis


  • What has brought Bruce Banner back to the launch pad of the original gamma bomb…and will the site of the Hulk's birth also be the location of his death?
  • It's a brain-bending mystery and quirky cool Hulk action downloaded directly from the mad minds of Keatinge & Kowalski!


Chronology Notes

A Flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

Continuity Errors

  • Bruce Banner acts shocked to hear the military has continued to construct Gamma Bombs without him. However, he's known this as early as Incredible Hulk #342.

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