Quote1 Well... At least I finally know what a cape's good for. Quote2
-- Punisher referring to Ethan Edwards having his clothes blown off and covering his parts with the remainder of his cape.

Appearing in "Wild Blue Yonder Part 3 of 6"

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  • Van

Synopsis for "Wild Blue Yonder Part 3 of 6"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

Crusher Creel has developed a nasty habit and he’ll do anything to feed it! Looks like a job for…Spider-Man.

That is, unless a certain new hero on the scene doesn’t get there first…


  • When Spider-Man reveals that he created the Spider-Tracers and tuned them to the frequency of his spider-sense when he was fifteen, Pym notes that Spider-Man may be more intelligent that he is, as he took years to create similar technology for his helmet.

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