Quote1 You're talking to a man returned from the dead to kill Spider-Man. And I'm telling you, you're back on. Understood? Quote2
-- Morlun to a taxi-driver

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  • Helicopter
  • Taxi

Synopsis for "Denial"

Peter Parker has recently been having black outs, dizzy spells, and enigmatic dreams, which includes Morlun, Kraven the Hunter, frogs, Uncle Ben, and spidery imagery. In confronting a new villain calling himself Tracer who is robbing a bank, Spider-Man suffers a bullet wound to the shoulder. Tracer escapes, while Peter goes to see Dr. Castillo, a doctor recommended to him by Captain America, who treats Peter's wound and takes a blood test. Dr. Castillo later informs Peter that he is dying, which Peter relates to his wife, Mary Jane Watson-Parker.

Solicit Synopsis

Just another typical night of insanity for Mary Jane as she deals with an obsessed stalker and with watching helplessly while Spider-Man slugs it out with... Iron Man?

And that' s just a warm-up for the devastating confrontation she has with Peter that results in the last thing she expected to hear.


Part Two of "Spider-Man: The Other - Evolve or Die" Storyline


  • Earth-616

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