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Quote1 The time has come. It is time for me to feast. Quote2

Appearing in "Retreat"

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  • Richard's car (Past)
  • Tony's space-pod

Synopsis for "Retreat"

With the citizens of Latveria heading to their homes for curfew, Spider-Man and two people inside two of Tony Stark's old armors take the opportunity to break into Doom's castle. Evading Doom's various security traps, Spider-Man enters the castle and opens the entrance for his friends. Once inside, the group makes their way to a room containing the only operational time machine. As they head off on their trip, Spider-Man's friends take off their armor, revealing Aunt May and Mary Jane inside.

The time machine takes them to Peter and Aunt May's old home in Queens. They cannot be seen by others due to chronal displacement, which means they can't accidently affect the present. Inside, they witness the moment Peter's parents left him with his aunt and uncle. But when they leave, present day Peter chases after them, knowing that his parents, his uncle and he himself won't die if they stay. Mary Jane comforts him and takes him back inside, where he sees Aunt May sitting on the couch and watching her past self and Uncle Ben with young Peter.

The group returns to the present and are welcomed by four armed Doombots. Spider-Man battles them, but his condition starts to act up, leaving him open for an attack. But before he can be hurt, Aunt May and Mary Jane come to his rescue in their Iron Man armors.

After returning the armor to Tony Stark, Spider-Man mentions possibly taking Mary Jane to Vegas with him and considers using his spider-sense to win big at blackjack to leave money for his family. However, he knows that at some point, a super villian is going to show up and ruin his vacation and decides to drop the idea. Luckily, Tony thinks he knows where he should go. Meanwhile, Morlun is ready to feast, and searches Peter's usual spots for him, but can't find him anywhere.

Instead, Peter and Mary Jane are inside a space-pod overlooking Earth. While they enjoy the view, Mary Jane thanks him for going through things with them. From her room, Aunt May looks up at the night sky and sheds a tear.

Solicit Synopsis

Having finally accepted his fate, Peter Parker decides to put the red and blue tights in the closet and spend some quality time with Aunt May and MJ. But Morlun’s got other plans...


  • Part Five of "Spider-Man: The Other - Evolve or Die" storyline.

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