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Quote1.png She's in pain. She needs something to strike out at, something to help her move from grief to rage. Because rage keeps you moving. All grief does is make you want to die right alongside the person you lost. Rage gives you a reason to live. She needed something, someone to hit. So I gave it to her. Seemed like the least I could do. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Aftermath"

Featured Characters:

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Other Characters:

  • Mrs. Rosen
  • Student
    • Billy
    • Tiffany
    • Davin
    • Mike




  • Boat

Synopsis for "Aftermath"

Spider-Man is dead. Iron Man transports his body away from the hospital. Mary Jane, Aunt May, and Jarvis, Iron Man's butler, meet together to grieve over Spider-Man's/Peter's death. After inspecting the body, Mary Jane talks to both Captain America and Iron Man over how to divulge the secret identity of Spider-Man. Later Wolverine flirts with MJ but to no avail as Mary Jane conceives it as another one of Wolverine's attempts to seduce her into an affair; it turns out that Wolverine only did so in an attempt to deflect her mind from the loss of her husband. After being unable to sleep, Mary Jane has a conversation with another New Avengers member, Spider-Woman, who tells her that her own and Peter's powers both derived from the spider, and that she could sense when Peter was going down; this obviously is through the mystical side of their powers. Both Spider-Woman and Spider-Man got their powers via radiation involving some form of spider DNA, and thus their powers are extremely similar. In the middle of the talk, there is an audible crash from the chamber where Peter Parker's body is kept. Mary Jane and the New Avengers arrive at the scene, to find that Peter's body has been hollowed out. Judging by the amount of glass outside the window, Captain America judges that the intruder escaped but had not entered through the window. Mary Jane discovers the secret: all that is left is a skin. The scene cuts to a teacher explaining about spiders to her class and how a few rare species can shed their skin and begin anew. As the class goes to leave, we see a cocoon of webbing fastened to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Solicit Synopsis

Beaten to the edge of death, hovering in a place short of heaven or hell, Spidey is about to embark on a journey unlike anything he’s ever experienced. If he’s going to have any hope to thwart Morlun’s obscene mission, then he’s got two choices: Evolve or die…


  • Aside from his leftover skin, Spider-Man did not make an appearance in this issue.
  • Part Eight of "Spider-Man: The Other - Evolve or Die" storyline.

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