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• 100-PAGE-SPECIAL! It’s a new era of mighty Marvel adventure, and to get you up to speed we’re including Marvel Primer pages of our heroes!

• A Secret Empire Chapter! No more hiding! No more hesitation! Sam Wilson IS Captain America!

• Plus, The Search for Tony Stark continues! Iron Heart faces a hostile take-over! Plus, Doctor Doom versus a horde of villains!

• Also, who is the War Thor?!! And can he stop the Queen of Cinders?!!

• By Nick Spencer, Joe Bennett, Brian Michael Bendis, Stefano Caselli, Alex Maleev, Jason Aaron and Mahmud Asrar!

• Includes material reprinted from Captain America: Sam Wilson #24, Invincible Iron Man #594 and the Mighty Thor #20-21! Plus, the Marvel Primer pages from Captain America #695, Invincible Iron Man #593 and Mighty Thor #700!

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