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Appearing in "Rise of the Imperfects, Part 1 of 6"

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Synopsis for "Rise of the Imperfects, Part 1 of 6"

Two-thousand years ago:
An alien scientist named Doctor Niles van Roekel performs bizarre scientific experiments, suddenly, a secondary ship docks with his science vessel. One of the crew members alerts Doctor Roekel to the fact that an aggressive alien species from the other ship has infiltrated his. He continues his injection of a green serum into a lizard-like test subject and watches it transform into a larger, stronger creature then quickly melt.

As they flee from the aggressive species, Roekel injects one of his own men with his experimental serum, and sends the transformed individual after the alien. Roekel seals the two creatures off as they die and continues with his research. He finds a suitable planet to carry out the next stage of his experiment – Earth.

Two-thousand years later:
The Thing is walking through New York City when he finds a group of children making fun of him. He goes over to them and gives them a heart-to-heart concerning the finer points of being a celebrity super-hero. Following the conversation, he begins to walk home when he notices a strange light in the sky. The light grows brighter and the Thing disappears.

Twelve blocks away Wolverine and Elektra are fighting (Wolverine is losing). At the point when they both attempted to land the finale blow they were abducted.

The Thing wakes up to the sound of Spider-Man's voice. He realizes that Elektra and Wolverine are also captured. Wolverine Immediately warns them of an unknown drug attempting to corrupt them. All but Elektra begin to fight the drug... all of them become corrupted.


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