Quote1.png No wait, I gotta a better one-- Orange you glad I got my old flames back? Quote2.png
-- Human Torch

Appearing in "Rise of the Imperfects, Part 2 of 6"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



  • Cybernetic Extract (Used to control the Heroes)


Synopsis for "Rise of the Imperfects, Part 2 of 6"

Transformed into perfect fighting machines and set against each other in Roekel's secret arena , the heroes launch into berserker-style battle with each other. Even Spider-Man and Human Torch are prepared to fight to the death, until Spidey begins to reject the extract, freeing himself from the seductive cybernetic material's power. As the other heroes free themselves, some have to have it forced off-- leaving a missed feeling towards it.

Roekel, in search of a new subject, kidnaps others he believes will more willingly accept the extract--and his leadership. Among them is convict Johnny Ohm, severely injured Maria Petrova, and scientist Reiko Kurokaki.

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