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Supporting Characters:

  • Clerk


  • Two robbers



  • Acura TL (S.H.I.E.L.D. edition)


On his way to the crater site where Thor's hammer went down, Agent Coulson stops at a gas station. While he tries to decide which donuts to take, two robbers enter the station and hold the clerk at gun point. They ask her who owns the car parked out in front and Coulson says it is his and he gives them his keys. The robbers tell the clerk to empty the cash register. Agent Coulson warns the robbers that he also has a gun that they might need. The robbers tell him to put down the gun, and the agent slides it over. As the robber picks up the gun, the agent throws a pack of flour at the robber and quickly overwhelms the robbers. Agent Coulson then pays for his donuts and continues his journey.



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  • The short film takes place after Agent Coulson leaves Stark's lab in Malibu during Iron Man 2 and before he arrives at the crater site in Thor.


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