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Trevor Slattery is incarcerated at Seagate Prison and enjoying a his fame with fellow inmates who give him protection from the more violent criminals and occasionally ask him to spout dialogue as the Mandarin. Trevor's bodyguard Herman escorts him to conduct a final interview with documentary filmmaker Jackson Norriss. By showing Trevor pieces of his past, including a promo reel for an 80s crime show that never aired, Jackson tries to uncover more about who this suddenly-famous nobody really is, and how he came to find himself taking on the Mandarin mantle. Over the course of their discussion, Norriss produces a gun hidden in his camera. But instead of killing him he reveals himself as an agent of the once reclusive Ten Rings, and informs Slattery that there is a real Mandarin. While Slattery struggles to comprehend this turn of events, Noriss initiates a prison breakout for him.

A moment in which Trevor does his Mandarin impression is later seen from the perspective of Justin Hammer, revealed to be also imprisoned in Seagate, and bemoans his predicament over a meal.


Crystal the Monkey appears as a monkey drinking Vodka in Trevor's CBS pilot Caged Heat.



  • Seagate Prison is the same facility where Luke Cage was wrongly imprisoned, which would later be shown in a flashback on the Netflix show Marvel's Luke Cage.[2]
  • The name of Trevor Slattery's 80's crime show Caged Heat was the working title, and distribution alias, for Iron Man 3.
  • One of the actors credited in the Caged Heat pilot is named after Rick Hawkins, the character Iron Man 3 director Shane Black portrayed in the 1987 film Predator.
  • The tracksuit criminals who appeared in the Caged Heat footage were based off Hawkeye's "Tracksuit Draculas".[3]


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