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Agent Coulson walks into a restaurant where Agent Sitwell is eating breakfast, and informs him that the World Security Council wishes Emil Blonsky released from prison to join the Avenger Initiative. As they see him as a war hero, and blame his fight in New York City with Hulk on Banner himself. They order S.H.I.E.L.D. to send an agent to ask General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross to release Blonsky into their custody. The two agents decide to send a patsy to sabotage the meeting, so Ross will refuse to release Blonsky.

At Sitwell's urging, Coulson reluctantly sends the Consultant: Tony Stark. A disgraced Ross sits drinking in a bar, when he is approached by Stark, who ends up annoying Ross so much that Ross tries to have him removed from the bar. In reply, Stark buys the bar, and schedules it for demolition. The next day at the restaurant, Sitwell arrives to Coulson eating breakfast. Coulson informs him that their plan worked, and that Blonsky will remain in prison.


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The characters of Tony Stark, General Ross and the Abomination appear respectively in footage recycled from The Incredible Hulk.


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