Quote1.png And now, prepare for pain, strangeborn - for other sights and senses you have never known before. Do you feel it? The sheer, awful agony..? That is the merest fraction of what it means - to be a Man! You could have lived forever... a creature apart, drifting silent thru the Seas of Space - yet now, you'll walk the Earth, a target for the murderous Man-Beast - perhaps for Humankind as well... For, uncanny your sacred mission - unearthly your weirdling Powers... And, beholding them, men shall call you Warlock! Quote2.png
-- High Evolutionary

Appearing in "And Men Shall Call Him... Warlock!"

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This is it! The most mind-staggering new feature of all! The Man-Beast! The High Evolutionary! And starring - Him! Don't miss "The Power of - The Warlock!"


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