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Quote1 And now, prepare for pain, strangeborn - for other sights and senses you have never known before. Do you feel it? The sheer, awful agony..? That is the merest fraction of what it means - to be a Man! You could have lived forever... a creature apart, drifting silent thru the Seas of Space - yet now, you'll walk the Earth, a target for the murderous Man-Beast - perhaps for Humankind as well... For, uncanny your sacred mission - unearthly your weirdling Powers... And, beholding them, men shall call you Warlock! Quote2
High Evolutionary

Appearing in "And Men Shall Call Him... Warlock!"

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Synopsis for "And Men Shall Call Him... Warlock!"

We open the story on an asteroid drifting through space which is actually the High Evolutionary's ship. The High Evolutionary is recording his memoirs on miniaturized tapes. He speaks of Project Alpha and his reason for recording this is so that others may profit from his mistakes. The High Evolutionary thinks of the time when he created the Man-Beast and when he employed the Hulk to destroy his New-Men. He remembers how he became the Ultimate and how it drove him to the brink of madness.

However, his train of thought is broken when he is interrupted by Sir Raam and requested to come to Level 10. An unidentified object is floating outside the ship. It is brought inside. The High Evolutionary uses Psyche-probes to conjure an image of the living being inside the "cocoon". He fantasizes how the being inside is the ultimate new-man which would have made a son he never had. The being inside hears this and replies that he is nobody's son. The High Evolutionary is shocked that it can hear him. "Him" tells him about his birth and rebirth because he senses him to be noble and powerful. "Him" asks The High Evolutionary to restore him to space as it is not his time to emerge. The High Evolutionary agrees because he is not a threat to Project Alpha. He also tells "Him" about the project. It is revealed that the High Evolutionary plans to make another earth which is perfect. He plans to make this "counter-earth" with the help of a rock from earth whose genetic code will allow him to duplicate it.

The High Evolutionary throws this rock into the sun and the process starts. "Him" discourages this idea but it works and Counter-Earth is created. The High Evolutionary then uses his magnificent brain to create life and advance it by a billion years. He then creates man, man as he should have been. Man is then deprived of his killer instinct and then, due to the stress upon his body, the High Evolutionary falls asleep.

Elsewhere, Man-Beast attacks the High Evolutionary's ship and Raam is the first casualty. Man-Beast then revives the killer instinct in man with no-one to stop him. Counter-Earth then follows the same history as Earth and Man-Beast is satisfied but the High Evolutionary wakes and strikes him. Man-Beast calls his allies but the High Evolutionary kills them all. However, Man-Beast assaults him with a mind blast. "Him" watches this all and decides to emerge. He emerges and threatens Man-Beast but his voice goes unheard. As he comes to destroy them, Man-Beast and his allies flee to Counter-Earth. The High Evolutionary dissatisfied with it and is about to destroy it when he is stopped by Him. He offers to find Man-Beast and kill him. The High Evolutionary is reluctant at first but agrees. Before sending him to Counter-Earth, the High Evolutionary gives Him a gift in the form of an emerald on his brow. He lands on Counter-Earth and he has been given a name: Warlock.

Solicit Synopsis

This is it! The most mind-staggering new feature of all! The Man-Beast! The High Evolutionary! And starring - Him! Don't miss "The Power of - The Warlock!"


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