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Quote1.png You seek to weaken my resolve with fear! But know that Dr. Strange understands fear-- and rules it! Quote2.png
Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange)

Appearing in "Finally, Shuma-Gorath!"

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Synopsis for "Finally, Shuma-Gorath!"

With Shuma-Gorath using the Ancient One's mind as a portal to Earth's dimension, Dr. Strange is the only force standing in the demon's way. Traveling into the Ancient One's mind, and battling Shuma-Gorath's defenses (including a conjuration of Dormammu from the Ancient One's memories) Strange finally battles his way into Gorath's realm.

There, Strange battles the creature, but then realizes that the only way to stop Shuma-Gorath is to kill his own master. Slaying the Ancient One with a mystic bolt, the Ancient One is killed sealing the portal for Shuma-Gorath, and causing the city of Kaa-U to crumble. Grieving over his master's death, the Ancient One appears around him telling Strange that he is now one with the universe, and now Strange will fill his position as Sorcerer Supreme.


  • Cover art: pencils and inks by Brunner, colours by Wein.[1]
  • Plot by Englehart and Brunner, script by Englehart.
  • Inks are credited only to the Crusty Bunkers.
  • "Finally, Shuma-Gorath!" is reprinted in Marvel Treasury Edition #6.

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