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Quote1.png You magicians are altogether alike! You rip out our innermost souls-- And feed on them for your cursed worked! I hate you magician-- I hate you! But you are the lucky one, Dr. Strange-- you only hear the words-- you cannot think-- you cannot know-- you cannot feel-- the pain--! Quote2.png
Witch Queen of the Gypsies (Lilia Calderu)

Appearing in "Portal to the Past!"

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Synopsis for "Portal to the Past!"

Finding Dr. Strange in the desert, Clea and Wong learn of the fate of the Ancient One, the defeat of Shuma-Gorath and Strange's ascension to the title of Sorcerer Supreme. Returning to Strange's Sanctum in New York, Strange decides to take Clea up as his disciple and then leaves to make peace with Baron Mordo.

Arriving in Transylvania, Strange begins to look for his old foe and becomes captured by the Gypsy Queen, who hates all magicians after Baron Mordo seduced her only to steal the Book of Cagliostro. She then uses the enthralled Strange to travel with her to Baron Mordo's castle, where he fights the Living Gargoyle to gain possession of the book. During the fight the Gypsy Queen is knocked out, freeing Strange from her control. When she sees for herself how noble Strange is, she sacrifices her life to help stop the Living Gargoyle. After the battle, Strange looks over the Book of Cagliostro and learns that its power could disrupt the pillars of the universe because Cagliostro learned a spell on how to change the past without altering one's future. Strange then travels backwards in time to find and stop Baron Mordo.


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