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Having traveled to New York, Iron Fist finds himself attacked by a bunch of street thugs. After fighting off the first round, he reflects back on his training in K'un-Lun where as a boy he thirsted for revenge on the man who killed his family and was allowed martial arts training under the tutelage of Lei-Kung. Finishing off the last of the thugs, Iron Fist then recalls the events that led to the gaining of his Iron-Fist powers, how he was allowed by Yu-Ti to battle Shou-Lao the Undying. He would defeat the dragon, and in the course of the battle have the dragon shaped tattoo burned on his chest. After defeating Shou-Lao he would plunge his hands into the brazier containing the dragons immortal heart and it would charge him with the power of the Iron Fist.

Iron Fist is snapped out of his recollection with the arrival of Scythe a mercenary who uses the weapon of his namesake, who informs Iron Fist that there is a 10 million dollar bounty on his head. As the two fight, Iron Fist recalls how he bested Shu-Hu and was allowed the choice of gaining immortality from the Tree of Immortality . However, Iron Fist declines this offer, opting instead to be allowed to leave K'un-Lun to get revenge on his parents killer, Harold Meachum.

Iron Fists finishes his recollection and easily defeats Scythe, using his iron-fist attack to destroy his weapon. With Scythe cowering and begging mercy, Iron Fist demands to know who put the bounty on his head, and Scythe informs him that it was sent out by the owner of the Meachum building.

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