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Appearing in "Citadel on the Edge of Vengence"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Triple-Iron (First appearance)
  • Rand-Meachum Inc. Security

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "Citadel on the Edge of Vengence"

After learning that Harold Meachum has put a bounty on Iron Fist's head, Daniel decides to take the fight to Meachum. However, this proves to be a challenge as Meachum (having had 10 years to prepare for Iron Fist's arrival) had rigged his office building with a number of traps, all of which Iron Fist manages to fight through. The last trap however is deactivated by a mysterious Ninja who briefly helps Iron Fist.

Breaking through a door into the final room of the Meachum building, Iron Fist comes face to face with a man named Triple-Iron, who has been trapped in that room for 10 years and has vowed to kill Iron Fist.

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