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Synopsis for "Lair of Shattered Vengeance!"

Battling Triple-Iron a exo-suited fighter who has been trapped in a specially made room by Meachum for the purpose of battling Iron Fist, Daniel Rand is able to defeat the foe with the help of the mysterious Ninja. When the Ninja uses a throwing star to reveal the door out of the room, Rand lures Triple-Iron out where the two continue their battle until Iron Fist is able to short out Triple-Iron's armor with live wires, knocking him out.

Entering the next room, Daniel comes face to fact with the man he had wanted revenge on for most of his life: Harold Meachum. Meachum is now an old man who no longer has his legs. Meachum explains that after leaving Daniel and his mother to die in the mountains he got lost and was later found by a man from a near-by village, however his legs were subject to severe frost-bite and needed to be amputated. While recuperating in the village, Meachum learned of Daniel's fate and decided to prepare for Daniel's possible return for revenge.

With Meachum's story complete, Iron Fist feels nothing but pity for the crippled and broken man, and walks away. Wanting to be killed by Iron Fist, Meachum tries to shoot him, however the Ninja arrives and murders Meachum. Shocked, Iron Fist goes back to the body, and at that moment Harold's daughter, Joy enters the room and believes that Iron Fist had murdered his father. Joy vows to get revenge on Iron Fist, and will not listen to anything he may say to convince her that he didn't kill her father. Iron Fist then leaves, knowing exactly what a thirst for vengeance can do to a person.

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