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Synopsis for "Death-Cult!"

Leaving the Meachum building with Joy Meachum vowing to get revenge, Iron Fist is met outside by Colleen Wing, who has come seeking Iron Fist to bring to her father Lee Wing a professor of Oriental studies at Columbia University. Giving him some clothes, she ushers him away in a taxi cab, while upstairs Joy Meachum calls her uncle Ward Meachum to help her get revenge against Iron Fist.

Arriving at Wing's home, Daniel fights off some assassins that show up, it's a battle so brief that Colleen doesn't even notice it. Taken inside, Lee Wing explains that he is a target of the Cult of Kara-Kai: That while on an expedition in Asia, he came across a book that told the secret to destroying the fabled land of K'un-Lun, and that made him a target of the cult who seek to claim it for that very purpose. In his travels, Wing has had to fight off different assassination attempts, and also learned of Iron Fist's existence, and so found a way to seek him out.

Iron Fist is concerned with clearing his name and proving to Joy Meachum that he did not kill her father. He calls her, however she is not able to talk and tells him to meet her at the arcade in Times Square. Iron Fist goes, not knowing that Joy has her uncle Ward set up a trap for him there. Attacked from all sides by a number of thugs, Iron Fist is aided by the mysterious Ninja, who after helping gives Iron Fist a newspaper with a front page headline that identifies that Iron Fist is wanted by the police for the murder of Harold Meachum.

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