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Quote1.png Do not force me to battle you, officers of the law. For I am blameless of any wrongdoing and would remain so. Quote2.png
Iron Fist

Appearing in "Death Is a Ninja"

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Synopsis for "Death Is a Ninja"

As the Ninja battles Iron Fist, the forces of the Cult of Kara-Kai regroup and enter the fight again, until the police arrive to break things up. Wanting to kill Iron Fist, the Ninja transports them to another realm, where as they fight the Ninja explains his origins:
As as the most skillful Samurai in rural Japan, the man who would become the Ninja would be expelled from the rank of Samurai and be tutored by Master Khan. Under Khan's training he became the Ninja and was given the Book of Many Things, which revealed the secrets of K'un-Lun. Attacking the city to learn it's secrets he was defeated by Yu-Ti and Lei-Kung and was banished in the book. The book would be stolen from K'un-Lun and would end up in the hands of the Kult of Kara-Kai who would rename the book the Book of Kalai. When the Kara-Kai civilization would crumble, the book would be lost until it was found by Lee Wing, who was possessed by the Ninja.

Their battle rages on, the Ninja is defeated when Iron Fist strikes the Ninja with his Iron Fist, which sends Iron Fist back to the Earth dimension where he is reunited with Lee and Colleen Wing. With the police rounding up the Cult members (and deciding not to take in Iron Fist for now) and the Living Goddesses having escaped, Iron Fist is left to decide what to do with himself now that his quest for vengeance has ended. Colleen and Lee offer to allow Daniel to stay with them and learn who Daniel Rand really is now.

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