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While walking in Central Park, Danny Rand and Colleen Wing discuss what Danny will do now that his quest for revenge is now over. Their discussion is interrupted when a sniper starts to shoot people in the park. After they aid getting people to safety, the two track the shooter to the building he lives in. There they meet Warhawk, a super-powered former Vietnam vet who is having delusions that he was still in the war. Believing that Colleen is his wife, Warhawk over powers and knocks out Iron Fist and takes Colleen prisoner.

Iron Fist is found and revived by Lee Wing and his friend in the NYPD Lt. Rafael Scarfe, who ask Iron Fist to help capture Warhawk and free Colleen from his clutches. While tracking down Warhawk, Iron Fist recalls training from Lei-Kung where Lei-Kung had Danny climb a high summit to recollect a locket with his mothers picture in it.

Tracking Warhawk to his hideout in a warehouse, he battles the villain using is Iron Fist to knock him into New York Harbor. Trying to save Warhawk who is being carried away by the harbors currents, Iron Fist fails to do so when Warhawk, thinking that he's attempted to be saved by a member of the Veit Cong, refuses to be rescued and is swept away.

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